Shawn Hopson

South Beach Party

A little about Shawn

Shawn Hopson, founder of the N-Motion Entertainment/NmoJazz product line has a real passion for live music and great entertainment.  This passion has been displayed through the various N-Motion entertainment/NmoJazz events and products over the past 12 – 15 years.  There has been Jazz on the Green, Smooth First Friday’s, Jazz Intervention Project, jazz concerts that featured national artists, NmoJazz search engine, and the new NmoJazz Magazine.   Shawn was the key component of Pittsburgh’s Smooth First Friday’s that existed in three decades, 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s.  Smooth First Friday’s was an event that featured the best jazz/R&B music in the Pittsburgh area.  In addition to the live music some the best DJ’s for performed after the live music.

Shawn has had the most pleasure of connecting and meeting all wonderful people over the years of being in the entertainment business.  Shawn has really appreciated the support that folks have show by attending N-Motion events over the years.  Shawn’s real passion is providing great entertainment for those who enjoy having a great time!

We hope to continue to provide quality entertainment for years to come!

Thanks for your continued support!