N-Motion Entertainment Services

N-Motion Entertainment can provide event planning or assist with an event for both individuals and corporations.   Having access to local, regional, and national musicians N-Motion can provide live entertainment for your event or gathering.  If your need is for a DJ instead of live music, N-Motion can provide DJ services for your event or special occasion.  N-Motion can complete the package for your event by providing a photographer for your special occasion.  N-Motion Entertainment can provide total event planning coordination and support for your special event.

If you are an artist in need of management and structure, N-Motion Entertainment may be able to help you get your career on track.  N-Motion provides talent management and booking for musicians and artists.  If you have an entertainment needs, please contact N-Motion Entertainment.

Along with providing services for others, N-Motion promotes events and concerts in and around the Pittsburgh area.

N-Motion Entertainment has added a new product to their list of services, N-Motion Live Sound.  N-Motion Live Sound can provide the perfect sound for your event.  If you are a DJ and need someone to provide and run your sound, N-Motion live Sound has the equipment and personnel for the job.  Bands that need sound for their gigs, we can provide sound and a sound engineer to make sure your band’s sound perfect.  Don’t let your event be undone by bad sound, reach out to N-Motion Live Sound.

Please check out our new jazz search engine, NMOJAZZ for all your jazz needs!